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The rental allows you to get rid of all bureaucratic and insurance charges and all risks related to the ownership of the vehicle

With our Long-Term Rental solutions for cars and vans AUTOFOSSANO deals with the operational and administrative management of the customer’s fleet and provides the necessary fleet of both cars and commercial vehicles under 3,5 tons of capacity, from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 60 months, , upon a monthly fee, determined on the basis of the chosen car model, the annual mileage and the duration of the agreement.

Clear and Plannable Costs

For the entire duration of the agreement, thanks to a fixed monthly fee that includes insurance and all services to guarantee the mobility of the customer.

No capital immobilisation

As the monthly fee also includes the entire financing of the vehicle.

Zeroing of time and resources

For the management of the vehicle and administrative practices.

Possibility of exchange

A vehicle at the value identified by the periodical magazine Quattroruote to reduce the rent of the Long-Term Rental, releasing customers from the charge of selling their used vehicles.

Purchase of the vehicle

At the end of the rental, at a favourable price for the customer.

Tire Management

It provides for convergence and balancing, the verification of treads wear and the request to replace the tyres in relation to the mileage set by your agreement.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

Included in the monthly fee so as not to fear any technical downtime and always guarantee daily mobility.

Simplified administrative management

It allows the customer to have a single invoice of the monthly fee including all mobility services.
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